English Pronunciation and Conversation

English Pronunciation and Conversation

Our Conversation & Pronunciation elective is an ideal complement to your General English course. It focuses on developing your conversation skills and fluency.

You will learn how to have different kinds of real life conversations using the relevant vocabulary and grammar, and learn the strategies needed to apply them successfully.

The aim of this elective is to develop your speaking fluency by practicing a range of vocabulary and  grammar structures and learning various communication strategies. You will learn how to:

  • start and end conversations with others
  • talk about everyday topics and news to friends
  • ask and help others by answering to questions
  • be more polite
  • express your opinion

Who is this course for? 

This elective is an ideal option for students who are taking a core course and would like to work on improving their speaking skills and developing their fluency.

Course Duration

3-6 months

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